Big Changes at LCS

I'm excited to announce that a few weeks ago I was nominated to be trained as a Crisis Worker Mentor at Life Crisis Services. This means that I will not only be working on the hotline but will now be assisting in the training of future Crisis Workers.

This week was actually my first week as a mentor, which was really fantastic. I liked having the chance to meet new people and help field their questions and concerns about working the hotline, and look forward to watching them grow with experience.

Speaking of LCS, we were just featured on St. Louis Public Radio for the fact that we're about to become one of ten, national call centers for Lifeline - the national suicide hotline. LCS currently takes calls for Lifeline but only calls that are specific to the Midwest; now LCS will take calls from all over the country and more of them! It's pretty big news and I'm excited to be a part its unfolding over the next several months.